Marine & Infrastructure

The Palm Jumeirah

Marine &

This offshore logistics challenging project to extract, transport and place 10mill tons of rocks and 35mill m3 of reclamation was completed in the record time of 20 months.

The Palm Jumeirah was the first mega project developed in Dubai seen from the moon with the naked eye. The first of its kind, it paved the way for Dubai's transformation to become  a commercial and touristic attraction.  The island itself is 2,500 ha and adds 78 km to the Dubai coastline.  

Proud to have been the first contractor on site, we have built the 12km crescent breakwater island and 500 m of two connecting bridges along with all infrastructure, which now houses some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. 


Dubai Palm Developers


United Arab Emirates



Contract Value

USD 250,000,000


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