EPC Approach

Our EPC services

We cater to the full spectrum of services required across all stages of the project lifecycle from conceptual engineering and pre-FEED design to procurement, construction, commissioning and operation.


Archirodon possesses a strong weaponry of State-of-the-Art commercial modeling and design software, supplemented by in-house developed fully verified tools.​

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Archirodon’s Global Procurement Team of specialists at Corporate and Regional level provides full support to our projects across the world, allowing us to act as strategic procurement experts.

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Archirodon construction capabilities, combined with the know-how of the in-house ISO-certified Engineering Department, can provide clients with innovative, fit-for-purpose and cost-effective buildable solutions. 

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Development & Financing

Archirodon is also involved in the private development of infrastructure projects related to PV/Wind Plants, Hydro Power Plants, Waste Treatment and Roads.

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Find the scope and highlights in all our major projects in all 4 expertise markets, namely, Marine & Infrastructure, Energy & Renewables, Governmental Infrastructure, Dredging & Pipelaying.

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