Local Value

in-country value

Adding local value is the drive of Archirodon’s mindful effort to deliver results, while we are in parallel engaging the local communities and creating new opportunities through social, economic or environmental means. 

Archirodon, in an attempt to support its clients in maximizing the in-country content, prioritizes business with local partners that comply with HSE and Quality requirements. The communities in areas, where we operate, are a key factor of our success and we make a point to always give back. 

Community support

Through the construction of projects, we provide direct and indirect employment opportunities and benefits to local workforce, generate income and employment locally and contribute to economic growth, while supporting community health and wellbeing. 

This competitive advantage sets us apart from other firms while enabling us to deliver maximum value for our clients.​

The immediate benefits to the local economy, among others, include:​
Increased local employment in construction and material industries

New opportunities for local subcontractors to gain specialized know-how

Market openings for suppliers of locally sourced materials

Benefits to local industries to increase production and improve quality

Procurement opportunities

Archirodon aims at maximizing procurement opportunities for the local market with materials procured from local companies and engagement of local subcontractors in projects.

Archirodon is committed to creating a culture with equal opportunities for everyone.

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