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Promoting a ”Safety First” culture is a critical element for achieving safe and efficient operations, leading to a successful business

In Archirodon, we recognize that Health and Safety excellence is of paramount importance and an integral part of our business activities. For us, this is a prerequisite not simply a priority and, hence, we are establishing this culture in all our interactions.

We provide safe, sound and healthy workplaces for the benefit of all employees. Workforce safety and well-being are crucial elements of our sustainability efforts. We implement a consistent approach across the organization to the way people, culture, equipment, work systems and processes interact. 

We Focus on our People

Safety culture in the workplace

Our safety culture is developed within our work environment and extends to our everyday life.

Our approach focuses on our people and our ability to learn (both from what went well and from what could have been prevented and improved) and confidently share ideas and concerns. Being open in this way means strengthening the way work is planned by having more in-depth discussions before, during and after tasks. By doing so and by regularly updating our various systems and controls, we enable a learning mindset where our teams can more easily identify and address potential safety incidents, manage safety risks and implement improvements.

All employees are encouraged to safeguard their own health and safety, as well as that of their fellow employees. Intervention, reporting and stopping any unsafe activity are positively reinforced and it is the duty of every Archirodon employee or subcontractor.

HSE management system

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, and we do all we can to keep everyone out of harm's way.

In Archirodon, we have established ourselves as leaders in the construction industry with excellent HSE records on all projects. This has been achieved by our commitment and dedication to ensure that HSE policies and objectives are firmly set at each project’s early stage. Continuous reviews are taking place throughout the project lifecycle to guarantee that HSE objectives are achieved.

Our HSE Management System has been certified by TÜV NORD and complies with the requirements of the international Safety standard ISO 45001:2018 and the Environmental standard ISO 14001:2015. It details general rules applicable to all areas of operations and describes clear lines of accountability and responsibility for the Project Management Team, Supervisors and all Personnel, including Subcontractors.


Through planned training and leadership programs, we have established “ARCOsafe”, an observation process related to our employees and their interaction with systems and equipment. ”ARCOsafe” aspires to create a knowledge sharing platform and a culture of shared accountability, underlining the value of safety across all levels within the organization.

Archirodon’s commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in industry leading HSE performance, which is benchmarked against leading international organizations (IOGP, IMCA, IPLOCA). We have received numerous awards of recognition and appreciation from our clients for our efforts in delivering safe projects.

Together with our stakeholders we strive to continuously improve our HSE standards and lead by example towards a healthy and safe construction industry.

Across all of our projects, offices and supply chain we build a culture where "Health & Safety" comes first.

Our presence worldwide adds value to our activities.

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