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Investment Expertise

Archirodon is also involved in the public and private development of energy and infrastructure projects related to Solid Waste Treatment Plants, PV/Wind/Hydro Energy Production Plants, Ports and Motorways.


Using our experienced development and financing teams and leveraging our expertise in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), as well as in operations and maintenance (O&M), we are involved throughout a project lifecycle, at all development stages, from early development of the project, sourcing and arranging financing (project financing), to preparing financial models, investing equity and managing investments.

We provide customized tailor-made Structured Financing solutions to Archirodon, co-investors and clients, keeping an overview and control of the whole Project Finance credit process till Financial Close, without recourse to the Balance Sheet of the Investors.

Investment Strategy

Through our investment approach and expertise, Archirodon is well-positioned to secure international equity partners and leading industrial players, with different risk appetite (strategic investors, infrastructure funds, pension funds, etc.), to co-finance large-scale development projects. 

Archirodon has also developed access to a large panel of project-specific funding options, including IFIs, International Commercial Banks, ECAs compliant with ESG criteria.

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

Having designed and successfully completed large-scale and complex projects for prestigious clients across 3 continents, using mainly our in-house engineering capabilities to tackle design challenges, we strongly believe that our clients can benefit the most from our experience in numerous ECI procedures.
Archirodon is engaged in the projects at an earlier stage of design, to bring additional expertise in the areas of: ​
Value engineering
Latest construction technologies

ECI Nature

Given ECI’s collaborative nature (adoption of best-for-project attitude by all parties), ECI is particularly well-suited for large, complex or unusual/unique projects, providing greater certainty and control over design outcomes and price.

It is during the early stages of a project that most value can be created, when the greatest influence on capital costs, lifecycle costs and project outcomes is possible.

Archirodon engineering services cover the full spectrum of the company’s EPC projects on all areas of expertise​.

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