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Our guiding framework

We, at Archirodon, believe that corporate governance, corporate responsibility and sustainable development are inextricably intertwined.

Archirodon’s corporate governance framework is in full conformity with local and international standards, while it is constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure absolute alignment with core principles:


Core Principles:​
Governance Structure

Clear, accurate and flexible

Given our extensive geographical presence, supported by a significant volume of affiliates, subsidiaries and branches, Archirodon employs a well-defined , accurate and flexible, governance scheme, enabling swift and clear-cut actions and assessments in its operation.  

The Board Members of the group, determine the Organization’s overall management, authorities and responsibilities. Under their strategic leadership an effective system of corporate governance is cascaded through:

  • Board and Management Executive Committees 
  • Subsidiaries’ Boards of Directors
  • Division Directors
  • Department Directors
  • Regional Managers

Archirodon’s Integrated Management System (IMS)

Corporate governance is further enhanced and supported by Archirodon’s Integrated Management System (IMS) Our IMS creates effective interfaces of management across the corporate structure and clear streamlined processes, which ensure transparency of responsibilities and facilitate the Organization’s continuous Improvement.

Ethics & Compliance
Our guiding

All our business activities are conducted having ethics and compliance at the forefront.

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