Supply chain in EPC

Our Supply Chain organization manages, via its Global team of professionals and in-house ERP system, all Archirodon procurement of materials, equipment and services. At the same time, it provides a full Supply Chain service including strategic procurement, global sourcing, material management, contract management, logistic solutions, inventory management, ISO and material standards and quality control.​

Supply chain management and logistics services:​
Category management and strategic sourcing
Supplier management and strategic partnerships
Contract management
Logistics (transportation and warehousing)
Market intelligence and trends
Business support

Excellence in supply chain services

Operating as a true business partner, we commit to always delivering quality goods and services.

At the same time we are:

  • Protective of clients’ and Archirodon’s interests​
  • Proactive, collaborative, inclusive and responsive​
  • Always process and data driven​
  • Ethical, fair and respectful to suppliers​
  • Focused on safe and sustainable solutions​
  • Interested in long term and strategic partnerships with key suppliers​
  • Consistent with our commitments
With spending exceeding 60% of our activities, our Procurement and Supply Chain Department is at the center of our operational excellence and has a significant contribution to our integrated EPC approach.

Our Supply Chain Expertise​
Global procurement intelligence and strategy  ​

Category management including marketing intelligence​

Suppliers and subcontractor management​

Material management​

Strategic frame agreements​

Best in class methods, tools and global reporting​

Operational support  ​

Tendering stage engagement​

Procurement of material and equipment​

Subcontract and hire of equipment​

Desk and shop expediting services​

Global traffic and logistics services​

Inventory management​

Procurement & Supply Chain Services and Strategy

How we manifest success

We aim to create value to our Clients and Projects, by keeping our supply chain partners at the center of our success and providing the best possible Procurement and Supply Chain services. 

Our multidisciplinary panel of specialists and experts provides best in class solutions in any aspect of the entire supply chain, covering activities from sourcing up to delivery and storage and from market assessment up to contract and supplier management, for the company’s diverse business portfolio.  

Our vast experience has led to an extensive pool of suppliers, service providers and subcontractors, thoroughly assessed prior any selection and closely evaluated after award. Procurement and Supply Chain department prioritizes the sustainability of the supply chain of every project, identifying the optimum mix from local and international sources.

Our construction capabilities, combined with the know-how of the in-house ISO-certified Engineering Department, can provide clients with innovative, fit-for-purpose and cost-effective buildable solutions.

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