Making an Impact

Social Responsibility in Construction

Our work is marked by our ongoing efforts to live by a framework of standards and processes intended to engage and motivate employees in delivering products and services that fulfill client requirements, while at the same time improving the well-being of people, in this and future generations, and benefiting society.

We achieve this by paying careful attention to our impact on society and the environment, while behaving in a transparent and ethical manner in all our interactions.

Key strategic initiatives

Through the successful integration of technology, infrastructure and people, we implement key strategic initiatives to advance the field of quality and endorse best practices for organizational excellence, focusing on client satisfaction, local communities’ empowerment, waste reduction and employee morale. 

Archirodon delivers major construction projects, which address inequality and increase economic inclusion, by creating decent work and higher incomes to the local population, transferring knowledge to the community, and improving the living standards and prospects of the area

Our projects are designed with unique inspiration and delivered with total respect to the natural habitat and the cultural milieu of the community.​

What characterizes our international footprint:​​
Respecting tradition

Respecting the environment

Embracing progress

Embracing functionality

Local Value

We improve the living standards and prospects of the local community.

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