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Ethics compliance system

With Ethos being an inherent element of our values, all our business activities are conducted having ethics and compliance at the forefront.

Driven by the core values of integrity and transparency, Archirodon group is committed to conducting business in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and transparency. We strive to do things right and to leave a positive legacy for the years to come. Our greatest contributors to this effort are our people who abide by Archirodon’s values and mirror our guiding principle of Ethos. We strive to achieve our long-term business success and we expect our employees to adhere to our core values. .

Every employee, officer or director carries out business ensuring compliance with the laws, the regulations, our internal policies and business practices. This makes Archirodon a considerate contractor that respects, complies with and improves the construction industry. Our supply chain and all stakeholders are also expected to comply with our anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies and embrace the transparent framework within which we carry out operations all over the world.

Code of Conduct

We carry our Ethos in every part of the world

In our commitment to approach ethics proactively, our Business Conduct and Ethics Compliance system defines our presence in various countries with diversified social and political context and sets the highest standards that must be followed to ensure maximum compliance in a global scale.

We encourage ethical behavior to every partner and in every part of the world we operate, complying with the local context and applying our highest standards of professionalism.

Our people from the leadership team to our workforce are committed to reflect this culture and create an open work environment where concerns are raised and issues are proactively dealt with.

Download the Archirodon Code of Ethics & Conduct.


Archirodon’s policies provide a concise set of principles and guidelines regulating the entire spectrum of operations and functions, while securing due observance and conformity with all local and international laws in each jurisdiction, where Archirodon has presence.  

The critical objectives of Archirodon’s policies are to enable:  

  • better flow of information
  • smooth interface between departments/divisions
  • simplification of procedures and corporate functions
  • responsiveness
  • efficiency
  • accurate decision making 

In effect of the above, our employees are aware of what is expected from them, in terms of behavior and performance, which is further reflected on and extended to third parties, cooperating or associating with Archirodon in any manner thereof. 

Whistleblowing Policy & Channel

Report questionable actions or activities

The Archirodon Whistleblowing Channel encourages and enables our personnel and any third party interacting with Archirodon to report immediately any questionable actions or activities that may involve violation of any laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines.

The ethical and professional conduct of our business is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, anyone who becomes aware or suspects illegal actions or breaches of our internal policies by any employee of the Archirodon group is also encouraged to report their concerns through our Whistleblowing Channel, in the knowledge that such concerns will be taken seriously and investigated as appropriate.

The Whistleblowing Channel is confidential and should you wish to remain anonymous you may do so.

Our Whistleblowing Policy provides a framework for the timely detection of irregularities, omissions, or criminal acts occurring during Archirodon’s operations, setting out the principles, protection measures, and the general operational framework under which we receive, manage, and investigate reports of such irregularities, omissions or other criminal acts, which relate to Archirodon and are brought to the attention of its staff or third parties.

The Whistleblower hotline system is confidential and should you wish to remain anonymous you may do so.

Download the Archirodon Whistleblowing Policy, including the Whistleblowing Report Receiving and Management Procedure.

You may use the following method to submit a report:
Health & Safety
We focus
on our people

Our safety culture is developed within our work environment and extends to our everyday life.

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