Community with Actions


The value of the environment

Construction projects have been known to have a substantial impact on the global environmental resources. Archirodon is committed to taking proactive steps to protect, maintain and recover a healthy natural environment by implementing sustainability principles in relevant project-related processes, wherever possible.    

Considering the effect on the complete life cycle of the related activities, we implement environmentally friendly policies and management practices. These policies and practices cover the complete project lifecycle from the sustainable procurement and responsible use of raw materials to the efficient consumption of natural resources and reduction of generated emissions and waste. 

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Making an impact

Our work is framed by actions of care towards the communities in the vicinity of our projects. While fulfilling client requirements, we are committed to benefiting society and improving the well-being of current and future generations.

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Local Value

Adding local value is the drive of Archirodon’s mindful effort to deliver sustainable results We actively engage with the local communities and strive to create  new opportunities through social, economic or environmental interventions

To maximize in-country content, Archirodon prioritizes business with local partners -always ensuring compliance with local HSE and Quality requirements. . The communities in areas where we operate are a key factor of our success and we make a point to always give back. 

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Diversity & Inclusion

The Archirodon family counts more than 60 years and we take pride in being a company that has “grown from within”, trusting its people and empowering them to reach their full potential. Over the span of these years, hundreds of thousands of people, from all over the world, have been a part of it, advanced, matured and prospered together.

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Innovation in Construction

Τimes are changing and so do we. In a fast-paced era of technological change, we embrace the new and actively explore construction innovations by focusing on technologies to secure a more resilient future for our business.

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Process excellence

In the ever-changing fast-paced environment in which we operate, our IMS is adaptable, easy to change and consciously improved. 

Our teams, from senior management to workforce, are strongly committed to the successful implementation of the IMS Policy and support the effective application of ARCO IMS, thus leading to top-level performance. 

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Our diversified portfolio covers complex EPC works in various sectors across all geographies.

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