Energy & Renewables

Shoaiba Power Plant

Energy & Renewables

The Shoaiba Steam Power Plant, often referred to as the "Giant of the Middle East", located about 100 km south of Jeddah, on the Red Sea coast in Saudi Arabia, is the largest in the Kingdom. Several stages and phases of construction of power and water desalination plant were implemented accommodating the country’s increasing requirements for electricity. 

We contributed to this mega project by carrying out in consortium the engineering, procurement, installation, construction and commissioning for 14 units of maximum 400 MW each for Stages I, II and III of the Shoaiba Steam Power Plant, providing gross output of approximately 5.6 GW.  

This program, spanning over 15 years, included a vast scope range involving civil, industrial, building, offshore and electromechanical & instrumentation (MEI) works, bridges, a tank farm of 14 HFO tanks with total capacity 1,400 ML (100,000 m3 each) and pumping stations of over 20 million m3/day total capacity. 


Saudi Electricity Company


Saudi Arabia



Contract Value

USD 6,020,000,000


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