Marine & Infrastructure

Salalah Port

Marine & Infrastructure

Formerly known as Mina Reisut, the Port of Salalah is the largest deep-water port in Oman, the second-busiest port in the Middle East and the eleventh busiest transshipment port in the world, serving the markets of East Africa, the Red Sea, the Indian Subcontinent and the Arabian/Persian Gulf.

Archirodon was involved in all development stages of the port, since 1996, when the Government of Oman decided to develop the port into a world-class container terminal. As part of this development, we executed multiple contracts to improve the marine infrastructure at the port of Salalah. Works involved the construction of 2.1 km of main container berths and 1.3 km multi-purpose berths, over 3km of breakwaters, 150 ha of reclaimed land with buildings and facilities increasing the annual handling capacity to 3,300,000 container units per year and 5 million tons of liquid products.


Ministry of Transport and Communications - Directorate General of Ports & Maritime Affairs





Contract Value

USD 490,000,000


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