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Ras Al-Khair
Desalination Plant

Energy & Renewables

In 2015 the Ras Al-Khair Power and Desalination Plant won the Global Water Awards "Desalination Plant of the Year" award.

Ras Al-Khair Power and Desalination Plant, located 75km NW of Jubail, is the world's largest hybrid water desalination plant, using both thermal multistage flash (8 MSF units) and reverse osmosis (17 RO units) technologies. With an astonishing production of 1,036,000 m3/day, the colossal Ras Al-Khair can serve approximately 3.5 million people in Riyadh. 

This achievement was the result of an impeccable execution of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction for offshore, process, electromechanical, dredging, marine and civil works by ARCHIRODON in a consortium.  

Offshore works included among others 3Km long GRP discharge pipes, an intake dredged channel with two 1.4 km-long rock breakwaters and a seawater intake pumphouse. Civil and building works with a total area of over 55,000 m² as well as the installation of underground services covering the entire plant area were also executed. 


Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)


Saudi Arabia



Contract Value

USD 1,800,000,000


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