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Project Description

'Works include detailed design, procurement of materials, fabrication, transportation to site, installation, commissioning of the following items:
1.    Mainland to Shurayrah Island Causeway Topside (referred to as Permanent Causeway Topside Works), consisting of:
•    Permanent Phase 2 superstructure arrangement. This includes the base course and the surface wearing course permanent paving of the three-lane causeway on top of the Causeway Works and stormwater drainage system.
2.    Marine Bridge, consisting of:
•    1104m long Central Bridge(30 spans x 36.8m each), 36m long Bridge 1(single span), 36m long Bridge 2(single span)
•    Pre-stressed girders and reinforced concrete deck structure with piled foundations, abutments, asphalt paving, stormwater drainage system, kerbs, utility corridor structures and covers, plant boxes.
In addition to the Central Bridge, Bridge 1 and Bridge 2 consist of two 36m clear openings and shall be incorporated into each Causeway.

Mainland & Island Access Causeways to Shurayrah Island
The scope of this Contract comprises the Phase 2 works which consists of the Design and Construction of the Permanent Causeway Topside Works (phase 1 rubble mound causeway also awarded to Archirodon as a separate contact).
•    Two-lane carriageway constructed to final level wearing course.
•    Carriageway drainage system including all necessary storm water treatment systems to comply with all TRSD environmental requirements including zero discharge to the marine environment.
•    Kerbs

The Bridge is to be constructed to ensure constant access between the mainland and Shurayrah Island providing two vehicle access lanes, with the same spacing and section as the Causeway and includes the following:
•    Suspended deck structure, approach slab and foundations for Central Bridge, Bridge 1, and Bridge 2
•    Movement joints and articulation system
•    Central Bridge abutment at connection to both the mainland and island access Causeway Works
•    Abutments associated with Bridge 1 and Bridge 2
•    Kerbs
•    Two service corridors including covers for Bridge 1 and Bridge 2
•    Two plant boxes corridor for Central Bridge
•    Surface stormwater drainage system with no discharge to the marine environment.
•    Lightening protection
•    Provisions for Street/walkway lighting


Construction From: 03/2021
Construction To: 08/2022
Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 57,000
Archirodon Portion: 100%
Owner: The Red Sea Real Estate Company
ID: 11010


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