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Project Description

The project included the construction of a 13.6 km. concrete expressway with 2 (two) kms. of pre-stressed concrete bridges and 4 underpasses. The bridges were constructed in segmental pre-cast units (total deck area 48,470 sq m).
The asphalt roads have 3 lanes for main road and 3 lanes for service road for each direction and the two directions are separated with median island of 2.2 m concrete Jersey barriers (total width of road including median 80m.)
The works also included drainage, street lighting, irrigation, landscaping and a number of high masts 20 to 30m high with related network.


Construction From: 08/1985
Construction To: 03/1988
Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 68,000
Owner: Ministry Of Communications
ID: 00000


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