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Project Description

The project includes marine works for the extension and strengthening of the Mauritius Container Terminal (MCT)

The main items of work comprise :

1. Mobilisation - Demobilization of necessary equipment and plant for the works;
2. Demolition and clearing of site;
3. Rock armour revetments;
4. Installation of tubular steel and sheet pile bulkhead wall;
5. Installation of tubular steel pile to the mooring point;
6. Installation of sacrificial anodes to the piles and fender frames;
7. Construction of in-situ reinforced concrete cope beam, crane beam for the strengthened quay structure; (total combi-wall 554m)
8. Construction of in-situ reinforced concrete cope beam, crane beams, deck structure for the extended quay structure and pile cap to the mooring point; (total extended quay: 244m)
9. Installation of wharf furniture including bollard, fender, ladder and new crane rail;
10. Extending and relaying intake and outfall structures and piles;
11. Construction of new paved terminal yard including provision of services infrastructure;
12. New reefer bridge in the yard;
13. New substation building and toilet block;
14. Relocation of 5 existing quay cranes onto a new alignment on the strengthened / extended quay without interrupting the port operations through the use of a specialist subcontractor;
15. Upgrading of crane wheels and bogies to accommodate the new crane rail;
16. Dredging at berth face and scour protection works

Construction From: 09/2014
Construction To: 11/2018
Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 117,240
Archirodon Portion: 50%
Owner: Mauritius Ports Authority
ID: 30024


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