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Project Description

The Project includes the design (Civil and MEP) and construction of 7.2 km metro line including 3 no. elevated metro stations, namely Qatar Economic Zone,  Barwa and Al Wakra North Stations.

The main items of work comprise :

• Demolition of existing buildings affecting the Permanent Works - Site Clearance              
• Temporary Traffic Diversion works          
• Utility Diversion works  
• Surveys and Geotechnical Investigations             
• 5660m Viaduct double(or triple)-track on piers incl. short ramps and at-grade sections   
• 843m & 865m viaduct single-track on piers for Depot Branch-off North (Turn-In) & Depot Branch-off South (Turn-Out) respectively
• Highway Works - 1080m of Road Underpass-Cut & Cover             
• 3 Stations:        
 - Qatar Economic Zone Station (Elevated)
 - Barwa Station (Elevated & At-Grade)
 - Al Wakra North (Elevated)
• Depot Grading Works   

Construction From: 04/2014
Construction To: 06/2021
Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 700,000
Archirodon Portion: 32%
Owner: Qatar Railways Company
ID: 09020


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