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Project Description

The project includes all engineering, procurement, installation, construction and commissioning (EPIC) related to the following:

   1. Pier 2A structure (22m x 400m long) for mooring of Q-Max size floating dock and 400,000dwt ships including various mechanical and electrical services;
   2. Access ramp leading to Q-Max Floating Dock;
   3. Onshore substation G2, including various mechanical and electrical services and equipment;
   4. Foul Pumping Station;
   5. Support frames for mechanical and electrical services in dry docks;
   6. Protection covers to utility services along existing piers and quays in ship repair yard;
   7. Hydraulic operated gangways including the tower along Phase 2A piers, existing piers and quay in shipyard;
   8. One unit adequately sized MG 60Hz frequency converter to the existing 60 Hz power house and supply 60Hz power to Phase 2A pier and to floating dock.
   9. Fire and gas detection system
  10. General electric cabling, instrumentation, area lighting and CCTV camera system.

The construction of pier 2A and access ramp involved piling works including cathodic protection, paint system, pile plugs and shear keys.

Construction From: 04/2013
Construction To: 10/2015
Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 80,167
Archirodon Portion: 100%
Owner: Qatar Petroleum Agent: Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd.
ID: 09019


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