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Project Description

The turnkey project included the design, manufacture, procurement and delivery of material and equipment to the work site and installation, erection, construction, testing, commissioning of a 3X397 MW units steam turbine Power Plant.

The main items of work comprise :

1. On-shore Works:  including site preparation, soil improvement, dewatering, asphalt roads and paving, industrial buildings and structures such as turbine halls, central electrical building, cooling water pump house, steam generation building, chimney, flue gas desulphurization, storm water drainage, water storage tanks, fuel tanks, cooling water seal weir and culverts, cooling water conduits, holding and evaporation ponds etc.
2. Off-shore Works:  including construction of seawater intake and discharge structures, dredging of intake and discharge channels, construction of one multi-span bridges on intake channel and one two-span bridge on discharge channel, breakwaters and shore protection etc.
3. Electrical & Mechanical Works: including power distribution, lighting and small power supply, cable tunnels and cable ducts, earthing and lightning protection, cathodic protection, HVAC system for buildings, area lighting, fire fighting system etc.

Construction From: 06/2008
Construction To: 07/2012
Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 2,964,254
Archirodon Portion: 326,703
Owner: Saudi Electricity Company
ID: 11071


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