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Project Description

The Lump Sum Procure Basis (LSPB) Contract include; Procurement of Materials (except Aramco supplied materials) Construction, Fabrication, Erection, Repair, Modification, Preparation of As Built-Drawings, Inspection, Testing and Pre-Commissioning and Assistance in Commissioning for works related to Causeway Area and Berth Area (three marine berths)

The main items of work comprise :

All Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Instrumentation and Electrical works related to above areas as follows:

a. Concrete pipe sleepers along causeway
b. Pump foundations at existing Pump House
c. Structural steel i.e; stairs, platforms, mooring and breasting dolphins, personnel bridges etc
d. Deck slab concrete repairs, concrete curbs, gratings etc
e. Civil and Concrete works related to new seawater intake structure (firewater Pumphouse), retaining works, pipe supports, piling and sheet piling
f. Excavation, backfill, slope protection, paving grading around the firewater pump station building.
g. Rehabilitation of asphalt or pavement on causeway and berth area
h. Marine wharf fittings include installation of fenders, quick release hooks, navigational aids, barge fenders assembly etc.
i. Repair of deck structures for all berths

a. Sheet piling, retaining walls and slope protection works to accommodate new pump station at intake causeway area
b. Existing access platforms for fire hydrants
c. Foam tank skid platform including support foundations
d. Fenders assembly to all three berths, quick release hooks and navigational aids, fender frame system, barge assembly fender
e. Fence and Gate including security lighting including foundations
f. Sewage holding tank on each berth
g. Piping works leading to sea pumps
h. Acid Neutralization Tanks (6 nos)

a. Assessment of existing tanks and to prepare and submit report to Saudi Aramco. Rehabilitation of tanks and supply and install fire proofing
b. Install Oily Water Tanks
c. Assessment of existing surge relief headers and prepare report and repair accordingly
d. Supply and installation of Sewage Holding Tank
e. Supply and install 6nos Acid Neutralization Tanks

D. ROTATING EQUIPMENT WORK (Demolition of existing equipment and installation only of new equipment):
a. Firewater Pumps
b. New Chlorination Package
c. Sewage grinder pumps
d. Oil Water Pumps
e. Oil Water Sump Pumps

E. PACKAGE EQUIPMENT (Demolition of existing equipment and installation only of new equipment):
a. 12 nos offloading arms
b. 12 nos hydraulic tubing from hydraulic units of each area
c. Electric cabling
d. Hydraulic Power Unit Package for Gangway tower and cranes.

F. PIPING (Demolition of existing piping and fabrication, supply and installation of piping associated to the following areas):
a. Berth area
b. Causeway
c. Fire Pumps (existing and new)
d. Fire water and Foam System

G. INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL SYSTEM (Demolition of inline instrumentation and installation only of all inline instrumentation with associated works)

H. FIRE AND SAFETY EQUIPMENT  (Demolition of existing fire protection system and installation only of new safety system consisting of; Foam Skid, Fire Boat Connection, Life Ring Buoys, Interrupted slop, breathing apparatus, first aids, water system and fire extinguishers)

Construction From: 12/2015
Construction To: 01/2019
Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 81,714
Archirodon Portion: 100%
Owner: Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)
ID: 11067


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