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Project Description

The project included Construction of the New Container Terminal Quay Wall which was made up of a single Diaphragm Wall system as the main structural members on the seaside and a rear Diaphragm Wall under the rear crane beam connected by a concrete slab. The concrete slab was supported on bored piles and the soil was removed from between the Diaphragm Wall down to -4.0 plus pre-stressed round anchors in the upper sand layers.

The main items of work comprised :
  • Front wall: A Diaphragm Wall 1.0m thick with tip level of -35 CD
  • Rear wall: A Diaphragm Wall 0.8m thick with tip level of -35 CD
  • Supporting piles: Bored piles of diameter 1.0 m and with tip level of -35 CD (ending in the lower sand layer). The Piles will be arranged each 5.0m x 5.0m in both directions.
  • Concrete slab:Flat slab supported on the rear and front Diaphragm Wall as well as the bored piles.
  • Excavation level between the two Diaphragm Walls proposed to reduce the earth pressure of the Quay: 4.0 CD.


Construction From: 10/2007
Construction To: 11/2010
Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 219,795
Archirodon Portion: 54% (Our Portion 119,151)
Owner: Damietta International Port Company
ID: 01084


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