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Project Description

The overall intent of this EPIC project for Phase 2 works is to expand the existing facilities, in order to support the RLC’s demands for exporting larger volumes of present categories of liquid hydrocarbon and petrochemical product cargoes, the provision of facilities for other types of liquid products using either common user or dedicated user berths and storage and to facilitate the export of solid hydrocarbon products by intermodal containers.

The main items of work comprise :

1. Work Package 3 (WP 3) : Common Facilities for Liquid Product Berths LPB 30
2. Work Package 6 (WP 6): Isolation Valves on Potable Water Line
3. Work Package 8 (WP 8): Free Residual chlorine analyser
4. Work Package 10 (WP 10): Additional Fibre Optic Cables
5. Work Package 11 (WP 11): Redundant 11kV Power Supply
6. Work Package 12 (WP 12): TETRA Coverage Study
7. Work Package 13 (WP 13): Replacement of Ship to Shore Link (SSL) system
8. Work Package 14 (WP 14): Integration of F&G Systems of Radar shelters

Construction From: 04/2014
Construction To: 12/2016
Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 74,175
Archirodon Portion: 100%
Owner: Qatar Petroleum
ID: 09021


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