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Project Description

The project includes the reconstruction, completion and maintenance of 4,700m long North-West Rubble Breakwater and the reconstruction and extension of main harbour road.

The main items of work comprise :
  • Construction of a rubble-mound-extend berm in front of the existing breakwater, including the roundhead together with the associated armoring, consisting of rock and pre-cast concrete cubes.
  • Construction of a new primary armor layer of Acropode units together with the associated secondary armoring of rock on the slope.
  • Construction of an open canal filled with rock behind the existing parapet structure.
  • Reconstruction and strengthening of the parapet structure.
  • Reconstruction and extension of the main road and services behind the breakwater.
  • Construction of the planned sewerage outfall through the breakwater.


Construction From: 09/2009
Construction To: 11/2017
Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 225,546
Archirodon Portion: 100%
Owner: Libyan Maritime and Ports Authority, Secretariat of Communications and Transport, Tripoli, Libya
ID: 01090


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