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Project Description

Construction of Early and General Civil Works of Power Plant PP14 capable of generating 1650 MW to 1980 MW electricity. The early civil works mainly consist of; Earthworks, foundation works, Civil works, Building and infrastructure with associated electrical works

The main items of work comprise :

• Earthworks (Excavation, backfilling, compaction and hauling of material)
• Foundation works for various structures, buildings and tanks etc.
• Civil and building works
• Concrete works
• Underground piping (Sewer and Sanitary pipeline, process piping water piping etc.)
• Electrical/ Telecom ducts (Conduits)
• Roads, paving and culverts etc.
• Street lighting and Grounding
• Cathodic Protection
• Landscaping and irrigation works
• Fencing

Construction From: 02/2015
Construction To: 10/2019
Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 116,732
Archirodon Portion: 100%
Owner: Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)
ID: 11061


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