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Project Description

The project includes works in the facilities collectively referred to as the Yanbu Export Refinery Project (YERP) Terminal Facilities Package (SP-7) which consists of three, non-adjacent areas, within the existing plant.

The main items of work comprise :

A. Red Sea Refining Company Metering Area & Marine Operation Area.

  • Custody Metering Systems: The custody metering system will be provided for the export products, with new metering skids
  • Product Slop System
  • Ship's Slop System
  • Instrument Air/Plant Air System
  • Contaminated Vapor Blower Package
  • New RSRC Control Room
  • Sanitary Sewer System
  • Fire Protection System
  • Combustible Gas Detection
  • Drain System - Potentially Contaminated Storm Water
  • Plant Nitrogen System (PNS)
  • Site Preparation and Development
  • New Security Fencing
  • Automation Facilities
  • Communications

B. Berths (71 & 72) Facilities (offshore):

  • New Red Seas Refining Company Product Pipelines: Demolish 4 existing mothballed pipelines (32" pipeline propone vapor, 30" pipeline butane recovery, 24" bunker fuel and 12" black diesel) totalling 4.0 km.
  • Installation of same quantity of new RSRC product pipeline (two 30" Diesel, 30" Gasoline, 24" Gasoline recirculation). In addition the project will install 800 meter cantilever extension to the existing trestle. In this over water cantilever, five new pipelines will be installed (18" contaminated vapor line, 14" benzene loading, 8" ship slop, 6" diesel slop, 6" gasoline Slop and 3" benzene slop)
  • New Tower Cranes: Two new Tower Cranes to be installed, one at each berth, to replace the existing Tower Cranes
  • New Loading Arms for RSRC Products: Three new RSRC product loading arms to be installed at each berth. A new 16" Diesel Loading Arm will be installed in the future spot and a new 16" Diesel loading arm and 12" Benzene loading arm will replace the two existing mothballed loading arms.
Construction From: 02/2012
Construction To: 05/2017
Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 103,210
Archirodon Portion: 100%
ID: 11013


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