Dredging & Pipe Laying

Marine Channel Maintenance Dredging

Dredging & Pipe Laying

Prorva Marine Channel is part of the Cargo Transport Route (CaTRo), approximately 76km from the coastline, which ensures maritime access to the Tengiz construction site, while allowing nature's restoration and development. The remote location, shallow waters and environmental aspects posed significant challenges, which were successfully addressed.  

Archirodon's contract comprised of maintenance dredging to provide undisturbed access to cargo vessels, sailing through the Marine Channel to and from the Cargo Offloading Facility, during the summer season. Each year due to the low temperatures, ice forms in the northern part of the Caspian Sea and, thus, halting navigation in the channel, promoting siltation and requiring yearly dredging maintenance. 


Teniz Service LLP (Contract Managed by TengizChevroil-TCO)





Contract Value

USD 205,000,000


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