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Contract No. 16721.01 EPC For Al Dabb'iya Thamama Zone B Transition Zone Developments – Phase I (15 Wells) & Restore Al Dabbi’ya Other Zone (Oz) Production (17 Wells)


The Project consists of the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Pre-commissioning and Assistance in Commissioning of two Packages in Al Dabb’iya Thamama Zone B Transition Zone.


Al Dabb’iya Transition Zone B Phase I Development:


Deep Tunnel Storm Water System Terminal Pumping Station and Sea Outfall

The works under this Engineering, Procurement, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning Contract DS 233/1, consist of the following key elements:

UAE, Abu Dhabi, Al Dabb’iya Surface Facilities – Construction of Offshore Pipelines and Offshore Clusters


Construction/Pre-commissioning of offshore Pipelines:
• Offshore pipelines used for conveying oil, gas and water products.
• Carbon steel pipes. Pipe sizes 4” to 28”. Total length 98km.
• Offshore Fiber Optic cable (10km)
• Offshore Composite cables (46km)
• Dredging of pipeline corridors 2,500,000 m3
• Cathodic protection on offshore pipelines

Shoaiba Power Plant Extension, Stage III (3 x 397 MW), Saudi Arabia

The turnkey project included the design, manufacture, procurement and delivery of material and equipment to the work site and installation, erection, construction, testing, commissioning of a 3X397 MW units steam turbine Power Plant.

U.A.E. - Abu Dhabi - Mirfa : S/C for Linde Seawater and Intake/Outfall System

The project included the detailed engineering, procurement and construction of the Seawater Intake and Outfall system for the Elixier 2 Air Separation Plant for Nitrogen Generation at Mirfa, Abu Dhabi.