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Shurayrah Island - Stage 1, Dredging and Stockpiling Works

'The Scope of Work relates to the excavation, dredging, and stockpiling works for Shurayrah Island, identified on Borrow pit and lagoon dredging sketch, and Shurayrah Earthwork filling area and Perimeter:

1.    Shurayrah Island dredging
•    Southern access channel and marina basin to design depths
•    Southern lagoon to full depth, reducing the existing main lagoon section to design levels and opening the northern lagoon channel
•    All internal channels to be reduced to design level

Prorva Maintenance CaTRo MCMD (Marine Channel Maintenance Dredging)

Prorva Marine Channel is part of the Cargo Transport Route (CaTRo) and begins approximately 76 km from the coast line, the furthest Kilometer Point (KP) number is KP -8.90 and the closest is KP 67.0, which is the shoreline of the side pockets of the COF.

The Scope of Works includes:
- Surveying;
- Maintenance dredging to provide undisturbed access to cargo vessels sailing through the Marine Channel to and from the Cargo Offloading Facility.
- Disposal of dredged material to Disposal Areas (islands and shoals).

Package 2 F1 – Operations and Maintenance Facilities Contract. Contract No. D0201 (JV with VINCI)

The Main Scope of Works is the Design & Build of the Main Depot at Al Faya.

The Scope of works includes the O & M Facility, permanent and temporary works design, procurement, fabrication, transport and storage, construction, installation, testing & commissioning, training and provision of spares, maintenance and care of the Works until the end of the Project.

Contract No. 16721.01 EPC For Al Dabb'iya Thamama Zone B Transition Zone Developments – Phase I (15 Wells) & Restore Al Dabbi’ya Other Zone (Oz) Production (17 Wells)


The Project consists of the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Pre-commissioning and Assistance in Commissioning of two Packages in Al Dabb’iya Thamama Zone B Transition Zone.


Al Dabb’iya Transition Zone B Phase I Development:


Contract no. 6600040127 Upgrade Pier Facilities at Tanajib

Tanajib is an oil complex owned by the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), located on the coast of the Arabic Gulf, about 200 km north of Dammam in the Eastern Province of Saudi Ara

Improvement and Expansion of Marine Facilities at Port of Farasan, Saudi Arabia

The Phase 1 expansion of the Port includes hydrographic studies, soil investigation and complete detailed design of quay walls, dolphins, breakwaters, revetments, reclamation and external works.

Extension & Strengthening of the Mauritius Container Terminal Quay Project – Marine & Civil works Package, Mauritius

The project includes marine works for the extension and strengthening of the Mauritius Container Terminal (MCT)