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Ras Tanura Terminal South - Upgrade Firewater System

The project will provide a new Firewater system (based on Sea water) in parallel with the existing one.

The existing firewater system will be changed to utility water service.

Deep Tunnel Storm Water System Terminal Pumping Station and Sea Outfall

The works under this Engineering, Procurement, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning Contract DS 233/1, consist of the following key elements:

Shoaiba Steam Power Plant Stage I, Phase 1 (3 x 350MW) Saudi Arabia (Project in consortium with ALSTOM Power)

The turnkey project include the design, supply, construction and commissioning of the works for a 3x350 MW power plant.

U.A.E. - Dubai : Infrastructural Works on the Crescent

The project included the construction of all infrastructure works containing all services, roads and paving and sea wall for the 12 Km of the Cressent of Palm Jumeirah artificial Island in Dubai.

Seawater Cooling System Expansion at Yanbu

The project included engineering, procurement and construction for expansion of seawater cooling supply and return lines to serve industrial growth and to the growth in the steam power generation and desalination plant and to improve reliability of seawater supply in northern sector petroleum area.

Qatar - Ras Laffan Port - Nakilat : Mechanical and Electrical Works

The project included detailed engineering, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of several mechanical and electrical works for various facilities / buildings and external areas of Nakilat ship Repair Yard.

Saudi Arabia - Jeddah : King Faisal Naval Base Additional Berths

The project includes Marine, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works for Phase 1 of the King Faisal Naval Base.

Construction of Seawater Cooling Pumphouse No. 2, Jubail

The project included the construction of the second seawater cooling pumping plant and auxiliary facilities to meet the demand of water by the industries and increase seawater cooling system capacity at jubail industrial city. The second pumping plant increases a total combined capacity of 101.6 cu.m./sec.