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Sidi Krir Power Station 750MW Combined Cycle Project - Offshore Works, Egypt

The project included designing, fabrication, furnishing, delivery to the site, unloading, storage and construction of the offshore cooling water facilities and all services associated with these facilities for Sidi Krir Combined Cycle Power Plant.

Qatar - Messaieed :Topsides Facilities to the Multi Products Berth

The project incuded engineering, procurement and construction of the topsides facilities to the multi products berth.

Cairo West Power Plant - Units (7) & (8) - Civil Works

The project included design, fabricate, deliver, furnish, deliver to site, store, install, test, start-up, commission, maintain until Taking Over and Acceptance Certificate of: Civil works for Cairo West 2x350 MW Thermal Power Plant, Units (7) and (8).

Saudi Arabia - Shoaiba II Power Plant : S/C for Daelim for Power Area

The project includes civil and building works in the power area.

Subcontract No. DHIC-YB3- CB-005 Yanbu Power and Desalination Plant - Phase 3 - Package "D" Project - Subcontract for Marine Works

The project includes the marine works for the seawater intake and discharge channels at Yanbu Power and Desalination Plant (Phase 3 - Package D)