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Petroleum Products and Coke Loading Terminal at Dekheila, Egypt

The project included the design, furnishing, construction and operations of a marine terminal for the loading of petroleum products and coke.

Construction of Seawater Cooling Pumphouse No. 2, Jubail

The project included the construction of the second seawater cooling pumping plant and auxiliary facilities to meet the demand of water by the industries and increase seawater cooling system capacity at jubail industrial city. The second pumping plant increases a total combined capacity of 101.6 cu.m./sec.

Flue Gas Desulphurization for Jeddah Stage IV Plant

The turnkey project included design, construction/manufacturing, testing and commissioning of the main work.

Shoaiba Steam Power Plant, Stage II - Phase 1 & 2 (6 x 370 MW)

The turnkey project included the design, supply, construction, installation, testing and commissioning of a 6 x 370 MW units steam turbine power plant.

Shoaiba Steam Power Plant, Stage I - Phase 2 (3 x 350 MW)

The turnkey project included the design, supply, construction and commissioning of additional 2x350 mw power plant units.

Saudi Arabia - Yanbu : Marafiq Seawater Cooling Pipeline Network

The project includes the design, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of a seawater cooling pipeline network. 


Banha Power Station 750 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Project - Civil Works.Egypt

The project includes design, furnishing, installation and construction of Civil, Architectural, Electrical and Mechanical works for Banha 750 MW Combined Cycle Project. The project consists of one combined cycle module configured as 2 x 250 MW Combustion Turbine Generator, two Heat Recovery Steam Generators and one 250 MW Steam Turbine Generator.

Damietta 500MW Power Plant - Civil Works