Dredging & Pipe Laying

Al Dabb’iya Offshore Pipelines & Clusters
Abu Dhabi

Dredging & Pipe Laying

Phase III of Al Dabb'iya project is part of the Northeast Bab (NEB) development program of Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations and located in a shallow coastal and marine area, 40 km Southwest of Abu Dhabi, in a sensitive environmental area with mangroves, coral reef, salt marshes and low-level islands hosting unique and protected wildlife species. The program contributes to fulfill the need of additional oil demand with 73,000 Barrels Oil Per Day (BOPD) through Gathering & Injection System, Oil export and Gas import and export pipelines. 

The contracts executed by ARCHIRODON comprised the gathering of crude oil from onshore and offshore wells, located on clusters and transporting it through a network of 100 km carbon steel offshore pipelines to the central process plant, where the crude oil is separated and stabilized. Associated works included highly modular steel structures, 450,000 dia. inches piping, 56km offshore cabling and 2,500,000 m dredging of pipeline corridors. 


Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations Ltd. (ADCO)


United Arab Emirates



Contract Value

USD 460,000,000


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