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Project Description

The Sustainable Facilities Projects - BAB Onshore Oil Field is located in Abu Dhabi, in the UAE.

The Engineering, Procurement, Construction Contract includes FEED verification, detailed engineering, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning assistance.

The scope of works is divided in three packages:
1.    BAB Additional 35 MBD Package
2.    BAB Artificial Lift Package
3.    BCDS Modification Package

BAB Additional 35 MBD Package and BAB Artificial Lift Package include 35 No. oil producer wells, 34 No.water injection wells, 38 No. gas lift wells, 3 No.  water injection clusters, 462km of flow lines/trunk lines, chemical injection packages (72No. skids), pig launchers & receivers, piping, 32 km of 33 kV overhead lines, 22 No. power supply skids,  140 km of fiber optic cables, wireless telecommunication system, 77 No. well head control panels, cathodic protection, ICSS and 62No. solar power supply system skids and 15 systems SCMS.

The Miscellaneous Modifications Scope for Package 3 is sub-divided into 4 Packages as follows:
•    Package 1: Bactericide chemical injection for BCDS - 1 skid, modifications for 14 nos. strippers and 3 test separators and new SDV's at BCDS pig receivers for RDS's transfer lines.
•    Package 2: Upgradation of BCDS fire & gas detection system and instrumentation technical building.
•    Package 3: Modification of pipe racks.
•    Package 4: Modification of the BCDS fire water system, new fire water tanks - 2 nos. (33.5 m dia.) and diesel fuel tank (6.6 m x 3.9 m).



Construction From: 12/2019
Construction To: 12/2022
Contract Amount (IN "000" US$): 490,000
Archirodon Portion: 100%
Owner: ADNOC Onshore
ID: 09082


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