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Halul Harbour Refurbishment - Phase1,
North Quay and West Breakwater, Qatar

Construction Period
: 05/2001 - 11/2002
: Qatar Petroleum
: Qatar Petroleum, Engineering Business Department
Contract Amount
: US$ 17,543,000

Description of Works:

EPIC project to cope with future expansion providing additional berthing and increased protection inside the harbour.

Major items of work included:

  • Refurbishment of 62m long existing North Jetty including installation of 11m long sheet pile wall, pre-cast cope beams, etc.
  • Demolition of existing Lee Breakwater of 91m length.
  • Construction of 512m long breakwater (round end at -12m and crest level from +5.5 m to +6.5 m.
  • Construction of quay at north end of the breakwater, supported on 32 nos. bored concrete piles of 1200 mm dia.
  • Construction of firewater pump house supported on 10 nos. bored concrete piles of 1200 mm dia.
  • Construction of utility water pump house supported on single bored concrete pile of 1200 mm dia.
  • Installation of 4 nos. 12 m high lighting poles at the quay.
  • Installation of 14 m long steel walkway.
  • Cathodic protection for sheet piles.

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