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Palais des Sports, Athens Sports Center, Greece

Construction Period
: 1980 - 1985
: General Secretariat of Sports, Ministry of the Presidency
Contract Amount
: US$ 25,000,000

Description of Works:

The Athens Palais des Sports indoor stadium is one of the most impressive sports complexes in the world and the first structure to utilize a 12,000-ton convex reinforced concrete ring beam supporting its roof. The complex consists of a 15,000-seat stadium, installations for athletic games, training facilities, a 1,000-seat conference hall, public restaurants, shops and power plants, all fully air-conditioned.

It is built on a 40,000 sq. m. area. It uses 50,000 cu. m . of concrete, and has a metal membrane covered roof spanning 120 meters supported by the reinforced concrete ring beam which rests on 32 pylons 17 to 32 meters high and weighing an average of 600 tons each. The pylons are of special geometric design forming part of the total structure, considered professionally to be a major technological advance.

The Athens Palais des Sports had been selected for the March 1985 European Indoor Athletic Games and a host of other international and national events.

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